5 Reasons Your Little Ones Should Be Gardening

  Image by Oscar Shen Written by Beth, Contributing Writer Kids love playing outside and getting dirty. Put those eager little hands to good work this year by letting them help in your garden! 1) Where Food Comes From I’ve always felt that it was very important for my child to know that food doesn’t just […]

Monday Health & Wellness: “My” Ideal Breastfeeding Diet

Recently, the Weston A. Price Foundation kicked up a fuss with their unusual breastfeeding recommendations.  I wrote my response to this last week. One take away from this situation, though, was that it does matter what you eat.  Your breastmilk will be awesome no matter what, but diet does impact quality and nutritional content (not to […]

Is Formula Ever “Better” Than Breastfeeding?

First — please take note.  I am not writing this to insult formula-feeding mothers.  This isn’t a debate about what is “best” for any individual mother or child.  There are a lot of social and emotional factors that go into making the decision on how to feed your baby as well.  This post is intended […]