Why I Don’t Want My Kids “Socialized” in Public School

Probably the first and most popular “complaint” that homeschooling parents hear is “What about socialization?” Now that my oldest is 5 and would be going into kindergarten this fall, people I meet have started to ask: “Is she going to school?  Where is she going?”  And then I answer, “We’re homeschooling…I’m not sure what school […]

Museum Led Learning: A Summer Evolution of Homeschooling

By Malissa McClintock, Contributing Writer After a Spring that just couldn’t decide to be spring, summer is right around the corner. With Baby Boy growing quickly and things warming up, I’ve decided to take the traditional break from “school” for the summer. However, we aren’t taking a break from learning. Instead, we are integrating what […]

Our Trip to a Children’s Museum (Unschooling Field Trip)

I know I normally post recipes on Thursdays, but I’ve been testing out new things and didn’t take pictures of any of it yet.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out and I didn’t want to take the time to do pictures of something that was a flop.  So, I have nothing for you. […]