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Baked Pumpkin Bread{less} Pudding

By | October 22, 2013

By Sarah Nichols, Contributing Writer You know you are a real foodie when you can’t decide if a recipe you just invented should be breakfast or dessert. That’s right! The coconut flour, pumpkin, and eggs in this recipe make it a filling breakfast, but the pumpkin pie seasoning, honey and vanilla give it a dessert-like Read More

Recipe Collection: Coconut Gingerbread Muffins

By | February 23, 2012

I thought it might be interesting to see if I could use coconut flour to make a type of gingerbread.  Now, I don’t — unfortunately — really like the way coconut flour bakes.  Never have.  But my kids do, and my husband is back on GAPS, so… coconut flour it is.  These muffins are totally Read More

Healthy Banana Bread Muffins

By | January 31, 2012

I’m going to go bananas! And not because I have too many bananas! We are super busy starting our business, plus I have to wear all my regular “hats” like being a mother, wife, blogger, etc. In the craziness of it all, I thought I’d share a healthy banana bread recipe. What you need: 2 c Read More

Recipe Collection: GAPS Coffee Cake

By | August 4, 2011

My husband loves coffee cake.  And what’s not to love?  Moist, cinnamon-crumble-topped cake…for breakfast?  Of course, most versions have way too much sugar in them.  And most are made with grains.  Which means they’re not even kind of GAPS-friendly, and we’re trying to ease our way back onto GAPS now, with my husband aiming to Read More

Recipe Collection: Grain-Free Chocolate Muffins

By | April 7, 2011

These are grain-free, but not GAPS-friendly (sorry).  They are delicious though…I think.  My family ate them too fast for me to really try them!  They assure me that they are delicious though! Ingredients: 2 c. almond flour 1/2 c. raw cacao powder 1/2 c. sucanat 1 tsp. sea salt 3/4 tsp. baking soda 1/3 c. Read More

Recipe Collection: Pumpkin Pancakes

By | March 24, 2011

**This post has been entered in Pennywise Platters Thursday at The Nourishing Gourmet!** This is actually a “reject” recipe from my upcoming cookbook (details on that tomorrow).  The testers couldn’t agree if they really liked it or not, so I scrapped it from there.  But since SOME did like it, I’m sharing it with you Read More

Recipe Collection: Apple Upside Down Muffins (Grain-Free!)

By | February 3, 2011

**This post has been linked to Pennywise Platters Thursday at The Nourishing Gourmet!** Last weekend I needed a snack and I wanted to make some muffins.  I saw the apple pie filling I’d canned last year sitting in my pantry, and I thought, “Hmm…”  So I mixed up these muffins and they were delicious!  They’re Read More

Recipe Collection: Almond Flour Muffins

By | January 20, 2011

Recently we decided to go grain-free again.  I’ll be talking more about why and how in the coming weeks, but today I have a yummy recipe to share with you.  I made these for an afternoon snack earlier this week and the 8 muffins this recipe made were gone in minutes.  They’re a little crumbly Read More

Recipe Collection: Coconut Chocolate Muffins

By | February 18, 2010

At the moment, we’re grain-free, so we were really missing bread. I borrowed the original version of this recipe from Ann Marie at Cheeseslave, then made a few changes to suit our tastes and allergies (we can’t do blueberries).

Recipe Collection: Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Muffins

By | January 21, 2010

hese are fabulous. I looked at several different recipes I’d created over time and combined them to form these. They are light, fluffy, and very sweet. Sweet enough to be cake, rather than muffin! No one would know they are gluten-free, either. :)

Recipe Collection: Gluten-free Pancakes

By | January 7, 2010

These are fluffy and yummy! With a bit of maple syrup, they kind of taste like donuts!

Recipe Collection: Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread, and Surprise!

By | December 3, 2009

Who doesn’t love pumpkin bread in the fall? It’s a great holiday treat. I made this bread today for Thanksgiving (it’s evening and most people have gone home now) and it was SO good that my mom wanted the recipe and some of the bread to take to work to share with her coworkers. She said, “I’m not usually into all the healthy cooking you do, but this bread is great!” Can’t even tell it’s gluten-free. :) Dairy free, too, unless you add cream cheese frosting! We didn’t, so I don’t have a recipe for that, but it’s really great just by itself.


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