Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

By Margaret Anne, Contributing Writer One of the hardest transitions for my family when we switched to traditional foods was going from store bought to homemade bread. We just couldn’t let go of the fluffy, white kind from the grocery store and we thought that making bread at home would be hard and take too long. […]

More Sourdough Lessons

Image by Matthew Fugel My starter is still alive! That’s one thing to be thankful for.  I haven’t ruined my starter yet.  But more than that, it’s becoming increasingly active.  I finally did a little actual research, and figured some things out.  Maybe you’ll be smarter than I was and take my advice without having […]

Sourdough: Two Weeks In

Image by matthewfugel Guess what?  I haven’t ruined my sourdough starter this time!!  In fact, it’s doing pretty well.  See? Are you curious what worked? The Lesson I Learned Yes, stirring in the hooch is definitely the answer.  I still continue to do it to make sure my starter is good.  Now I definitely have “lift” […]