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5 Minute Chocolate Cookies {no grains, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar}

By | February 18, 2014

By Kimball Young, contributing writer It’s been many months since we’ve had blanched almond flour in our house.  I am pretty loyal to one particular brand, and I keep forgetting to order it!  I love Honeyville Farms blanched almond flour because it is ground very finely and has more moisture in it than other brands Read More

Easy Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

By | January 23, 2014

As a lover of both peanut butter and chocolate, I strive to find healthy ways to enjoy both!  One day, when I was making some simple peanut butter cookies, I decided to throw some chocolate chips in the batter.  The combination is delicious, and the recipe so simple, I don’t even have to look it Read More

Hosting a Cookie Exchange (and Allergy-Friendly Cookie Options)

By | December 4, 2013

Images by GAPS Diet Journey (Picture 1) (Picture 2) and Loving Our Guts By Julia Mangan, Contributing Writer It’s that time of year: Christmas Cookie Time! If you love enjoying a wide variety of different homemade cookies but don’t enjoy the amount of time it takes to make them, why not host a cookie exchange Read More

Recipe Collection: Molasses Cookies

By | November 8, 2012

  These aren’t quite perfect.  I have been after a specific texture for years — these cookies that are thick and soft and chewy, sort of cake-like but not really.  I still can’t manage it.  But these are the closest I’ve come, and the flavor is amazing.  So, that’s why they are getting posted.  Cookies are Read More

Recipe Collection: Butter Cookies

By | April 12, 2012

So it was almost Easter and we’d had sort of a rough day.  I was really wanting to be more positive and hands-on, but I was just so tired (fighting off a cold — quite successfully, actually, as my only symptom was a slight sore throat in the evenings — but it made me very tired Read More

Recipe Collection: Chocolate Devil’s Food Cookies

By | August 11, 2011

I love Devil’s Food cookies…the kind that are cake-like and coated in marshmallow and chocolate coating.  But I don’t buy them because of all the junk in them.  I’m trying so hard to replicate that right now.  This is one of my attempts.  The cookies, though, are GAPS-friendly (so is the rest of it, actually), Read More

Chocolate Chip Cookies

By | August 26, 2010

Pennywise Platters Thursday at The Nourishing Gourmet!**

I experimented with a new version of chocolate chip cookies today, and I liked it so much I thought I’d share it with you. :)

Recipe Collection: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

By | April 15, 2010

These cookies are SO yummy and they will boost your milk supply, too. Brewer’s yeast and oatmeal are known for increasing milk. For an added benefit, replace each egg with 1 tbsp. ground flax seed and 3 tbsp. water (also makes the recipe vegan, if you’re interested).

Recipe Collection: Granola Bars

By | February 4, 2010

I found the original version of this recipe at Kitchen Stewardship’s website, but have modified it to suit my family’s tastes. So, here is our favorite version of granola bars!

Recipe Collection: Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies

By | December 10, 2009

Well, the recipe I have for you this week isn’t quite what I’d intended. I’d wanted the cookies to be a bit chewy, or tender and crumbly. But they’re not. They’re soft and very much cake-like. But they are still delicious! I don’t know that they are necessarily “Christmas cookies” but they are light, vanilla little miracles…so good enough. :)


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