Why Adding Natural Supplements To Your Water is a Good Idea

   As more and more individuals become aware of the benefits of natural health additives, attention swings toward vitamin, mineral, and flavor enhancements that are consumed by mixing with drinking water. Since water intake is essential, it makes perfect sense to add nutrients and beneficial inorganic compounds. Besides, many of these additives contain natural flavors […]

Real Food Chronicles: Jeanne @ Omamas

image credit by contributing writer Jeanne from O’Mamas When the ladies behind the genius Modern Alternative Mama posted a notice they wanted to explore a day-in-the-life of some of the contributing writers, I didn’t rush out and volunteer immediately. Not that my life isn’t an open book. I mean, I’m a blogger, for goodness sake. But I thought, maybe I’m not […]

Lacto-fermented Sparkling Apple Cider

By Katie Mae Stanley, Contributing Writter Nothing says the holidays like a glass of sparkling apple cider. It’s the favorite of kids and many adults for Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings and toasting in the New Year.  You would not belive how easy it is to make your own sparkling apple cider that is full of millions […]

Recipe Collection: Electrolyte Drink (Sports Drink Replacement)

This is a recipe for electrolyte drink that I posted quite awhile back, in the middle of another post.  It’s hard for people to find, yet so commonly requested!  I decided it needs its own post. Gatorade and other “sports drinks” are not so healthy at all.  They contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and other […]