10 Unusual Ways to Pinch Pennies

Image by Melissa Hincha-Ownby By Matthew, Contributing Writer Back-to-school time is usually a spendy season what with new shoes, outfits, backpacks, notebooks…the list goes on. And it’s an expensive season every time I walk into the grocery store. Because our budget isn’t growing as quickly as prices are rising, my wife and I are trying a […]

A Frugal, Reusable Kindergarten Curriculum

My daughter turned 5 in January.  My oldest son turns 4 in July.  This year, they’re kindergarten and pre-K, respectively.  Even my almost 2-year-old might get in on the act this fall, or certainly later in the year, learning his colors, shapes, and basic numbers.  I’ve used a bunch of different random materials over the […]

Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget During A Busy Season

 Image by KitAy via Compfight We are in the middle of a super busy December. I know, everyone is.  It’s the holidays and that means a lot of shopping (which I’ve barely done), planning, preparation, parties, events….  That’s why I thought that sharing our circumstances (which go above and beyond just the holiday craziness) might help […]

5 Myths about Cloth Diapers

Imagine this, if you will:  You’re expecting your first child (or maybe it’s your fifth), and you boldly proclaim to your spouse, or a friend, or a relative, “I think for this child, I’m going to use cloth diapers.”  Immediately, the response you receive is one rife with confusion and a little bit of disgust. […]