Monday Health & Wellness: Teething Tincture

For quite awhile, we have been using a teething tea that has proven very safe and effective.  It’s our best remedy for teething!  My 22-month-old gets a cup or two of the tea — he loves it — and drinks it in the evenings.  It seems to completely relieve his pain, and he drools less, […]

A Practical Guide to Children’s Health: Launch Day!

It’s finally here! (Buy it today.) Throughout the month of December, I spent a lot of hours away from home, working on this book.  I read study after study as I researched it.  I shared a few of the most interesting studies on Facebook, showing my readers that there actually is evidence — in medical journals, no […]

How Does Your Family Avoid Illness During the Holiday Season? I’ve been thinking a lot about how/why our family avoids illness during this time of year. It seems that while every other child around us is coming down with a variety of sicknesses & illnesses, our home stays rather healthy. We have 4 young children (ages 7, 5, 3, & 2) who have yet […]

Monday Health & Wellness: How to Clear Diaper Rash Naturally

Paul Hocksenar via Compfight Diaper rash is a subject I get asked about a lot. Why does it happen?  How do you clear it up?  What methods are safe for little skin…and with cloth diapers? Diaper Rash: Why Does It Happen? My oldest experienced nearly constant diaper rashes from 2 months old until she potty […]