Meal Plan, 9-14-12 to 9-20-12

Friday, 9/14 Breakfast – Apple crisp Lunch – Chicken vegetable soup Dinner – Spicy chicken nuggets, rice, dinner rolls   Saturday, 9/15 Breakfast – Sausage gravy, biscuits, fresh juice* Lunch – Pizza, fruit Dinner – Taco salad   Sunday, 9/16 Breakfast – Cheese, bananas Lunch – Leftovers/OUT Dinner – Chicken rice soup, juice*   Monday, […]

Meal Plan, 6/8/12 to 6/14/12

It’s been a really long time since I have published a meal plan!  In all honesty, it’s been a really long time since I’ve made a meal plan and actually stuck to it. So why now?  I have absolutely no money saved up to preserve food this year.  And we are going to need it really […]

Meal Plan, 1/13/12 to 1/19/12

Friday, 1/13 Breakfast – Belgian waffles, bacon, smoothies Lunch – Beef or bean burritos or quesadillas Dinner – Mahi-Mahi in dill butter sauce with creamy potato chunks and roasted brussels sprouts   Saturday, 1/14 Breakfast – Almond flour cake Lunch – Burgers and fries Dinner – Beef barley soup, sourdough boule   Sunday, 1/15 Breakfast […]

Meal Plan, 1/6/12 to 1/12/12

Friday, 1/6 Breakfast – Sausage and eggs Lunch – OUT Dinner – Marinated steak salads, rice pilaf   Saturday, 1/7 Breakfast – Soaked Belgian waffles, fruit Lunch – Leftovers, chicken pot pie*, salad Dinner – Pot roast*, mashed potatoes, carrots   Sunday, 1/8 Breakfast – Smoothies Lunch – Leftover roast, veggies Dinner – Cajun shrimp […]