CPS: Should You Call and How to Cope

Recently, a blogging colleague of mine dealt with false reports made about her family to CPS. This is one of my nightmares.  CPS knocking on my door, saying, “We’re from children’s services, and we’re here about a call….” I think this is honestly something we need to talk about.  We need to talk about how […]

Why My Eleven-Month-Old is (Mostly) Exclusively Breastfed

Here’s a post I never thought I’d write.  I’ve heard the saying “Food before one is just for fun,” lots of times, but I kind of snickered.  Really?  They obviously haven’t met my babies…. It’s true.  My older three kids all ate a significant amount before they were one.  My oldest (when I was still […]

Is Co-Sleeping Dangerous?

Today we have a guest post from Trisha of Intoxicated on Life.  She’s addressing the recent PSAs stating the co-sleeping is dangerous, and the study that “proves” it.  Read on to separate fact from fiction! I saw a recent PSA showing the dangers of co-sleeping. A mother lay asleep on a couch, playfully awakened by […]

To My Sons: How to Be Great Men in a Messed Up World

There have been a rash of blog posts addressing both boys and girls — mostly girls — since Miley Cyrus’ now infamous twerking at the recent music awards.  I know as little about that as possible (didn’t watch the video, don’t really know what twerking is).  But the instructions to boys and girls and the […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Why the Anti-Vaccine Movement Exists

  Image by USACE European District You should know right up front that this isn’t a research-based post.  I’m not trying to sway anyone to believe anything in particular about vaccines.  What I’m trying to do is explain to those who believe strongly in vaccines why there is an anti-vaccine movement in the first place.  It’s […]