Monday Health & Wellness: The Importance of Slowing Down

I’m writing this post not only for all of you, but also for me.  So I hope I’m listening. Sometimes, we move too fast.  We do too much.  We try to cram just a little bit more into an already packed day.  We stress ourselves out trying do, be, and have everything. For what?  We […]

Super Simple DIY Face & Body Lotion (only 2 ingredients!)

By Joanna Rodriguez, Contributing Writer This is one of those things that is so simple I almost feel silly sharing it with you. But it’s also too good to keep to myself. Has this never-ending winter left your skin dry and itchy? Have you been reaching for your body and face lotions constantly, hoping to […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Skin-Soothing Post-Sun Lotion

It is always my goal to try to improve our bodies’ ability to do what they already do — or should do.  I like to support natural functions much more than I like to interfere with them, even using natural medicines. Now that spring is here and we’re having more sunny days, getting vitamin D […]