Raising Healthy Children: Fertility Diet

Image by janineomg The health of your children starts before they’re even born.  In fact, it starts before conception!  Your health is so important in making sure that your children are healthy.  That’s why, today, we’re talking about fertility diets! If a woman’s body is deficient in nutrients before she gets pregnant, then she faces […]

Monday Health & Wellness: How to Test Negative on Group B Strep Test

Image by spaceodissey A reader, Lindsay, recently shared her story with me.  She had tested positive twice in a row on a Group B strep test while pregnant.  Not wanting antibiotics during labor, she decided to use the following combination of natural treatments to become GBS negative.  A third test shows that it worked! Please […]

Tracking Your Fertility Signs

Image by lulumon athletica Recently, several of my readers have been asking me about women’s health issues — things like fertility, pregnancy, PCOS, balancing their hormones, etc.  It’s a big issue.  Women don’t have a lot of truthful information about their health.  Western medicine doesn’t understand how heavily hormones play into everything that happens with […]

Guest Post: Getting Pregnant with PCOS

Image by janineomg By Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, Guest Writer Many of you have requested information about hormonal imbalances, fertility, and other women’s health issues.  I’ve asked Aimee, who practices Chinese medicine and works in women’s health, to share a series of articles with you.  This is the first one — getting pregnant with PCOS. […]