5 Simple Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Image by ciao_yvon By Nina, Contributing Writer My switch to real food happened in the midst of getting out of debt. We had already been spending very little on groceries, so I knew that in order to switch to more nutritious whole foods, I’d need to become a better grocery-shopping ninja to feed our family without slowing […]

Lunchbots GIVEAWAY from The Glass Baby Bottle

A couple weeks ago, I discovered this site: The Glass Baby Bottle.  I’ll wait while you go and check it out. How cool is that?!  Everything natural and organic that you could need for your growing family.  If you haven’t looked yet (and you should), you will find: Stainless steel cups, bowls, and lunchboxes Glass […]

Why Do I Have This Stuff?

Brittney Bush Bollay via Compfight We’re going to play a fun game today…it’s called Why Do I Have This Stuff?!  And it’s because when I was cleaning out my rooms, that is what I kept asking myself. We had piles of trash!  This is 3x more than we would throw out in a typical week. […]

House Hunting, Round #1

nebojsa mladjenovic via Compfight I said I wasn’t picky, right?  Well, I’m not…exactly. But then again, I sort of am. We’re not planning to move again from this property, hopefully ever.  It’s supposed to be our “forever home.”  Therefore I’m not looking at the properties with an eye for “Yeah, I guess I could live […]