Interesting Posts Around the Web 5

Last weekend was busy and I didn’t manage to get this up!  This weekend I promised I would remember to do it. First, you can find me at a few different places around the web this week!  (And last week.) If you’re curious what an actual day in my home looks like, you can check […]

Modern Alternative Pregnancy LAUNCH!

It’s here! Modern Alternative Pregnancy is now live.  You’ll see our introductory post up today, and throughout the week — a super awesome giveaway! You’ll have opportunities to explore the site and interact with our Facebook page everyday of the week, as well as interacting with our wonderful sponsors in order to earn extra entries […]

Announcing…Modern Alternative Health!

The good news just keeps on coming! In two weeks, we will be launching our third sister site, Modern Alternative Health!  This site will launch just in time for the fall, right when everyone gets concerned about staying healthy! I love to write about health on here (and I still will), but I just don’t have […]

Back to School Sale!

This week, in honor of many kids going back-to-school, we’re running a sale on all our ebooks!  It’s been awhile and I thought this was a good excuse! If you’re new around here and haven’t heard about our ebooks yet, then you should!  We have 7 different ones and all of them are awesome in […]

What Modern Alternative Mama Is (and Isn’t)

kris krüg via Compfight Since our community has grown so much this year, I realized that I may have a few followers who pop in and out and who may not know what Modern Alternative Mama is really all about!  I thought I should go ahead and clear it up for you.  You’ll see that Modern […]