Growing Up Unvaccinated: Scary Potential, or Healthy Reality?

Image by USACE European District There is a pro-vaccination article circulating the internet right now.  You may have seen it — most people have.  It was originally published at “Voices for Vaccines,” and later republished on Slate, Jezebel, and several smaller blogs.  The blogosphere is abuzz with this story.  It’s called “Growing Up Unvaccinated.”  There […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Why the Anti-Vaccine Movement Exists

  Image by USACE European District You should know right up front that this isn’t a research-based post.  I’m not trying to sway anyone to believe anything in particular about vaccines.  What I’m trying to do is explain to those who believe strongly in vaccines why there is an anti-vaccine movement in the first place.  It’s […]

The Media on Tetanus: Teaching or Scaring?

By Jessica, Contributing Writer A recent story circulated fb about a young boy almost dying from tetanus. The essence of the article was to scare parents into vaccinating their children.  Captured perfectly by the title: Parents’ fear of vaccinations nearly killed their son. When the media ran this story, it could have done two things: […]