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By Paisley Hansen, Contributing Writer Image By Wikimedia We all like having sweet things to eat, but it feels like anything that stimulates our sweet taste buds is ultimately unhealthy for us. Well, that’s not quite true. If you’ve ever had honey, then you know how good it tastes, but beneath its delicious facade lies some Read More

My tiny tribe likes to get out of the house each day and we all go a little nuts if we don’t find somewhere to expend all of that energy that comes with being a tiny human.  Since spring is in full swing here in Northern California we have really wanted to get out and Read More

By Ashlee Bradshaw, Contributor Writer Our skin is our largest organ, it is the first thing people see when they look at us, so people tend to want to keep good care of it. The problem with skin care products today, is that many of them contain toxic chemicals that are actually doing more harm Read More

By Robyn, Contributing Writer One of the first things I switched to making solely from scratch was salad dressing.  It was a very easy, early switch to make.  The store brands are loaded with junk that I didn’t want to consume and making your own is so simple.  I’m embarrassed to say before I started Read More

  Right now, the sun is shining out my window.  This spring has been a bit tenuous; we have a gorgeous day or two, and then we have more rain.  Every day that there is sun, I have been eager to get outside in it, to soak it up, to enjoy.  It makes me feel Read More

  By Angela Parker, Contributing Writer  Cloth diaper safe!  As much as I would love to be the perfect mom… I am not. I try to change diapers quickly during the day. During the night, I get lazy and don’t change a diaper unless it is leaky. I love cloth diapers. I cloth diapered Aidalyn (my Read More

At this point, there are just two and a half days left to get the amazing Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.  If you miss it, you will be kicking yourself for months — this is an amazing deal. In case you missed the posts up until now, read about some of my favorite books and how the bundle can Read More


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