Let Kids Play With Fire

Nowadays, kids don't have much use for survival skills. However, letting kids play with fire can be good, vital even, for a child's development.

5 Uses for Cloth after Cloth Diapering

After cloth diapering, many moms have no idea what to do with their extra cloth. Donate it? Save it forever? Here are some practical ways to use up your investment.

What to do with your cloth after cloth diapering? Do not throw these away or donate, you can still use them everyday in your home, saving money and time.


Dear Mama, Forgive Yourself

You may wish you had done things differently with your first (or even second or third) child, but that's ok! Forgive yourself and move on! Here's how.


I’m Kate, mama to 5 and wife to Ben.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I’m also a big fan of “fancy” drinks (anything but plain water counts as ‘fancy’ in my world!) and I can’t stop myself from DIY-ing everything.  I sure hope you’ll stick around so I can get to know you better!

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