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A lot of you were expecting to see on the TODAY show yesterday.  Honestly, I was expecting to see me on the TODAY show yesterday! I want to tell you the full story about what happened (from my perspective) and then offer a little bit of a response to the segment that did air.  If you’d like Read More

  Yesterday I shared a post, 15 Things We Need to Stop Saying in the Vaccine Debate, which brought many new readers here. I’d like to take just a minute to remind everyone of our comment policy.  We allow dissenting opinions, but we do not allow rudeness.  If you use swear words, if you insult people Read More

Image by USACE Europe District The vaccine debate is real.  And it’s rough. I, for one, am sick of it.  (The ‘rough’ part.)  I want all parents to have access to important information on vaccines.  I want all parents to know that they have a choice.  I want all parents to feel confident with their decision Read More

  If you haven’t read part 1 yet, hop over and do that now, so that this one makes sense.  The Day We Lost Everything (part 2) is the second part in a multi-part series. It’s been almost a week since we left our home now (as of this writing).  It’s a bit surreal still, Read More

  It’s fall!  Well…sort of. Fall means back to school, and the kids are definitely back to school, at least most of them.  Our kids are very much looking forward to crafts and projects with their friends, and us moms are looking forward to it too! That’s why I pulled together this round up of Read More

  By Laura, Contributing Writer While everyone is gearing up for school, summer is still lingering and my CSA box is inundated with stone fruit. I’ve been freezing quite a bit of it for smoothies but my son was itching to bake something so we hopped into the kitchen to whip up this crisp. Thankfully Read More

Image by NIAID Note to readers, especially new ones: all of the hyperlinks are sources.  Please click them for more information.  And please don’t ignore them and then tell me I have no sources, as a few people always seem to do.  They are there. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do an interview on Read More


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