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This post might seem kind of…against the mission of this blog.  After all, I often work hard to read studies and share them with you, and show why, scientifically, my point on any given issue is valid. I do think that science is important, and I find scientific evidence fascinating.  I love to see what Read More

  **This post contains affiliate links.  If you click them, your cost doesn’t change, but I receive a small commission.  Thanks for your support.** A couple months ago, I talked about my postpartum experience.  (If you haven’t read it, and have struggled with postpartum weight loss and hormone balance, it’s worth a read.)  We’re hoping Read More

Photo Credit Did you know?   Fat is incredibly important to your baby and your own body during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Decades of “low fat” propaganda from the government and glossy pregnancy magazine articles highlighting that you need “just 300 extra calories a day” have made us terrified of eating anything except boneless, skinless chicken Read More

I’m super excited. My newest book is coming out three weeks from tomorrow.  That is pretty cool!  It’s called Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts, and it’s all about natural and herbal remedies.  I’ve included all of my favorites in it, plus how to get started with your natural medicine cabinet, a chart on which remedy to use Read More

Image by Ryan McDonald Today’s post is both hard to write, and easy to write.  I guess easy to write, but hard to share, really.  I need to say these things…but I’m not sure how others will react to them. An online friend had the guts to muse publicly about this sort of thing earlier Read More

Peaches are in full swing for us here in Northern California. My CSA fruit box has been full of this particular stone fruit and I’ve been exploring lots of different ways to prepare peaches. Since my husband is deployed right now, I’ve been drawn to the least time intensive options possible. Easy is the name Read More

I have a confession to make – I’m a flip flop addict. Since I was a teenager I have enjoyed the ease of being a flip flop wearer. In fact, I’m know to wear a pair until they literally fall apart (ever been the person trying to hold your flip flop together in the middle Read More

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