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 By Laura @ The Spinach Spot, Contributing Writer Hi friends!  Before I give you a look into our kitchen, I thought I’d share who I cook for (and with).  Our family of five is made up of my husband and I, plus our three kids, ages 5, 3.5 and 5 months.  My husband is in Read More

Image credit Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from Donna Powers. After 4 years of homeopathic training, 12 years of private practice, and as many years attending seminars, Donna Powers is committed to sharing what she wishes she had known as a young parent. Donna is a private homeopathic practitioner, a teacher to parents in Read More

  Depression is a serious condition that affects many people in the United States, but the condition doesn’t just affect the depressed spouse. Depression also creates a burden on the non-depressed spouse who may feel lonely, stressed or overwhelmed by their partner’s behavior. Undiagnosed depression can be particularly harmful to a marriage as the depressed Read More

By Robyn, contributing writer How “into” real food are you? (i.e. how long have you been doing it, how many different foods do you make from scratch, etc.) I can’t say exactly when we made the switch because it has been a gradual change over the last 5 years.  I have always enjoyed cooking and Read More

By Nicole Walters, Contributing Writer My three-year-old has behavioral reactions sometimes from her allergens. On days when she’s been exposed, what she needs for me to do is set aside my to-do list and focus on her. But between the “musts” on the to-do list, her two brothers, and my being somewhat stubborn about my Read More

Spring is FINALLY here! The gardeners among us have been planning, dreaming and eagerly awaiting warmer days. We want to dig in the dirt. Tend our plants and reap a harvest of tasty veggies. Last year, we had to buy a significant amount of seedlings from our local nursery. Unfortunately, most of the nursery was Read More

image credit By Jaclyn, Contributing Writer 1. How into real food are you?  I’ve been on this real food journey for almost four years.  To say I’ve come a long way is an understatement!  I went from buying tons of packaged, organic, “junk food”, to now making (almost) everything we eat from scratch.  It’s amazing to see Read More

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