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When I set out to research this one, I was originally focused on nutrients that are known to combat illness, like zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc.  I quickly learned that most of these are really going to be found in liver — and I already have liver pills that I make.  It seemed foolish Read More

I get some version of these questions a lot: I can’t get my family to eat real food.  They’re used to the processed stuff and they complain when I serve them homemade food.  They just want the stuff that’s familiar to them. or I can’t afford real food.  It’s just so expensive!  How am I Read More

I’ll confess, I came to activated charcoal for vain reasons. I previously read on WellnessMama’s website about using activated charcoal to whiten teeth, and I wanted to try it before we had family pictures taken. Years of coffee and tea had wreaked their own havoc. As I picked some up at our local health food Read More

Imagine if my kids woke up and I told them we were having this for breakfast: I’d be the greatest mom in the world, right?  These are grain-free ( almond flour-based) chocolate cookies with chocolate-mint filling.  But because they’re based on nourishing ingredients and are low- sugar, we could actually eat cookies for breakfast. Or what Read More

The summer’s bounty is overflowing right now.  This is the best time of year!  The summer goodies are still pouring out of gardens — peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, etc. — yet the fall goodies are beginning to come as well (pears, apples, grapes, potatoes, garlic).  It’s just a wonderful time of year for fresh Read More

By Jessica, Contributing Writer The real food kitchen is a different kind of animal.  Where in your typical processed food kitchen, your most used items might be the microwave and the stovetop, the real food kitchen usually comes equipped with high powered mixers and blenders (maybe even a grain mill), a myriad of cutting boards Read More

  **SALE IS NOW OVER** One of my greatest goals is to empower my readers to make the decisions that are right for their families.  I help by providing you with information and resources to figure out what your options are, and I support everyone’s right to choose what works best for them. A huge Read More

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