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By Contributing Writer, Angela Parker Vitamins for Healthy Pregnancies When you are pregnant, nutrition is at its utmost importance. In a perfect world, we would be able to get all the vitamins and minerals that we needed through our food. I am one who really struggles during my first and second trimester to eat well Read More

By Doña Bumgarner, Contributing Writer. “Mama, do we have any carrots?” My 3-year old is standing not in the kitchen, but in the backyard. She’s peering into our raised garden bed, where I’ve been growing vegetables with her and for our family since she was a baby. Together we’ve successfully grown peas, green beans, lettuce, Read More

  Spark of Amber sent me a necklace for my daughter to review. I am being compensated for this post, but all comments and opinions are mine. My daughter wears her Baltic Amber teething necklace every single day. So I have heard lots of comments from “Look at the fashionista in her little necklace,” to Read More

  nataliemaynor  In our house we eat a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables. We like to “eat the rainbow” and take advantage of how nutritionally dense the plant kingdom is. Produce that is fresh contains by far the most nutritional value compared to their frozen or canned counterparts. Of course, quality produce comes with Read More

Image by Manitoba Harvest You should know I was paid by Manitoba Harvest to write this post.  That said, I was interested to try hemp foods anyway, and it was important to me to do independent research on the health benefits of hemp, not just share what the company said.  In fact, the entire “hemp Read More

First, if you haven’t, check out today’s very informative and well-researched post about the health benefits of hemp products, including my personal experience with them.  I promise all the research is from independent sources and not the company sponsoring the post. Once you’ve read that and have gotten excited about trying the products, come back Read More

A lot of people have tried to get healthier by going Paleo. I get it.  Paleo, now, is about like vegetarian was in the early 90s (at least if my dad’s health kick at that time is anything to go by).  It’s a diet that’s purported to fix your health concerns because grains and dairy Read More

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