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Grains are a confusing and controversial issue.  People vary in their approach – eat whole grains, eat only soaked/sprouted/soured grains, grains are bad for you, etc.  Unfortunately this can get very divisive, with some assuming that what works for them is “the” answer.  They even trot out research to share their position and try to Read More

Image by The Sure Chill Company More nonsense popped up in my feed today. It’s the story of a young boy with leukemia, who is exposed to the measles while in the hospital.  The mother passionately describes her stress at waiting out the 21-day incubation period, praying her immunno-compromised son doesn’t end up developing the Read More

image credit By Angela Parker, Contributing Writer 1. How “into” real food are you? I started cold turkey into whole foods after reading the Maker’s Diet in 2006. The Maker’s Diet (by Jordan Rubin) is a 40 day plan that kick starts you into whole foods. From there, I started cooking out of Nourishing Traditions Read More

When my husband and I were first married, he would not touch a fruit or vegetable. To him, eating corn and white potatoes was “good enough.” Give him a plate of pasta and he’d embrace his Italian heritage and eat two or three helpings. His poor diet choices of course started to rub off on Read More

Image by Terry Ozon  Recently, I was busy dealing with some nonsense in the online world.  It was over the recent, controversial posts I wrote about vaccines.  And hey, I know it’s a hot topic and I expected it.  I was ready for a break, though.  I packed up my kids and went to meet Read More

by Contributing Writer, Virginia George I was excited to write this month and give you a peek into my kitchen. Then I started thinking, and realized that compared to a lot of people I’m only a “real food wannabe.”  I thought about leaving a couple things out, but then I realized that everyone is in Read More

By Robyn, Contributing Writer When I moved into my husband’s house I always looked forward to the time we could furnish the basement to have a fun living space for entertaining.  Towards the end of last year we were finally ready and excitedly headed to our local furniture store to pick out all the goodies.  Read More

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