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It’s kind of ironic that after writing about the effective ban on water birth yesterday that I ran across this piece of drivel today. Don’t click on it.  Don’t even give the author the satisfaction of more pageviews.  It’s really not worth your attention, or the five minutes of your life that you will never get Read More

Very recently, ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) declared that water births are potentially dangerous and should not be allowed until a clinical trial has determined whether or not they are really that risky.  A local research hospital, OSU (Ohio State University) followed suit by creating a ban on water birth in their facilities Read More

Image by Howard Walfish It was more than a year ago that I discovered turmeric. Well, really, I first discovered it in an ancient bottle of curry powder on my parents’ stove when I was 19.  I was just really learning to cook, and I sprinkled it on chicken and thought it tasted good.  It was Read More

By Contributing Writer Jaclyn As part of our month of introducing baby steps to healthier eating, I wanted to talk about “superfoods.”  Oftentimes, when we are just starting out or learning more about healthful living, we can get sucked into believing certain foods or supplements are good for us because they’re promoted as superfoods, or Read More

Image by Ben King Real food is really important to my family. I’m guessing it’s pretty important to your family, too.  I believe that real food should be accessible to everyone, and that means that it has to be easily available, and it has to be affordable.  Telling families “Just go to your local farmer” or “Shop Read More

  Image by NIH **Note: I’m well aware the original article was satire.  I thought it was poorly done and used a ridiculous comparison to make a point.  I’m responding to it not because I think it was serious — really, like I could believe someone is recommending against car seats?! — but because a Read More

An employee of Uncle Bob’s Self Storage helped with this post.  All opinions and information are ours! At heart, I am a minimalist. But in practice…I have four kids. Minimalism and large families don’t really go together.  For one, there’s the clothes.  Everyone has to have enough clothes to wear in between washings (which is more than Read More

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