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Do you regularly shop at your farmer’s market? I try to make it to at least one market a week but was surprised to learn that a few of my local markets were selling warehouse produce. I thought by going to the local market I would be going more “green” and supporting local farmers. However, Read More

   As more and more individuals become aware of the benefits of natural health additives, attention swings toward vitamin, mineral, and flavor enhancements that are consumed by mixing with drinking water. Since water intake is essential, it makes perfect sense to add nutrients and beneficial inorganic compounds. Besides, many of these additives contain natural flavors Read More

 By Nicole Walters of Honey Sweetened, Contributing Writer The Benefits Benefits of lactic acid producing bacteria ( probiotics) found in naturally fermented foods are numerous. One study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology (Parvez, Malik, Kang, and Kim 2005) lists these: Improves intestinal tract health Enhances the immune system Enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients Reduces Read More

Have you always wondered if there was a “natural birth control?” Something without chemicals and hormones filling your body? Have you heard about Natural Family Planning (NFP), but you don’t know where to start? Perhaps Google searches have turned up very little or you’re now even more confused. Mucus, basal body temperatures, cervical positions, charts, Read More

By Contributing Writer Jaclyn If you follow me over at Natural Momma in Progress, you know I recently had a baby- our fourth boy!  Because I’ve done things very differently this pregnancy (read about my diet here and my prenatal vitamin routine here), I’ve had a much smoother recovery than during my previous postpartum periods.  This was Read More

Starting this Friday, we’re embarking on a two-week family detox.  The whole family is doing it (yes, kids too). Back in March, we all had the dreaded norovirus.  That stuff is nasty.  It took us a good two weeks to get it out of the house completely (you can read how we finally did that here).  Since Read More

Recently, a blogging colleague of mine dealt with false reports made about her family to CPS. This is one of my nightmares.  CPS knocking on my door, saying, “We’re from children’s services, and we’re here about a call….” I think this is honestly something we need to talk about.  We need to talk about how Read More

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