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An employee of Uncle Bob’s Self Storage helped with this post.  All opinions and information are ours! At heart, I am a minimalist. But in practice…I have four kids. Minimalism and large families don’t really go together.  For one, there’s the clothes.  Everyone has to have enough clothes to wear in between washings (which is more than Read More

By Beth, Contributing Writer This post has been sponsored by Zukay Live Foods. All thoughts and opinions are  my own. Ferment – What? Fermented foods are all the rage online these days. You’ll find tons of tutorial on how to ferment everything from veggies to ketchup and even something called kefir. But why? Why has Read More

By Kristen Burgess, Contributing Writer Many moms review birth options during pregnancy and decide that a natural birth would be best.  Some choose a midwife, some choose a doctor with a good track record for vaginal births.  But preparation for natural childbirth stops there for many women.  You want to go natural, you trust your Read More

Image by USACE European District Happy summer vacation! A lot of kids have just gotten out of school for the summer, and families are enjoying it.  Back-to-school isn’t even on their radar yet.  I get it!  Who wants to think about school when you just got out, and the weather is so gorgeous? I want to Read More

There has been a rash of stories recently where a parent has been chastised, had children’s services show up, or even been arrested for making a parenting choice that some say is or should be illegal.  (We don’t trust parents anymore!) The thing is, we’re not talking about sexual abuse, starving children, physical abuse, providing unsanitary Read More

By Contributing Writer Sarah Nichols Note from Kate: What you are about to see may feel very overwhelming, especially if you are new to the idea of real food or healthy eating.  Please don’t let this discourage you.  The intent is simply to show you how prevalent GMOs really are in our food supply.  We have Read More

original image by Randen Pederson By Jerri Ann, Contributing Writer Have you noticed the shift in thinking recently? It seems to me that even the mainstream is picking up on the idea that our current industrialized food system, which provides most of the “food” for us, is not working. I’ve seen and read stories recently Read More

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