Click here to view a comparison table of all my ebooks.  You can see which recipes in each book are “free of” certain allergens, how many recipes are and what category they fall into (main meals, sides, desserts, etc.), how many are GAPS-friendly, and so on.  If you have special dietary needs, this chart will help you decide which book(s) are best for you!

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Do you like the look of all our books and want to save money? Buy them all at once and save 25%! You'll get 218 of the best dessert, soup, main dish, and side dish recipes around, plus 77 pages of reference information, from all our books for one low price. Please see the individual product descriptions for the full table of contents.
Price: $58.65
Price: $43.95

See the product descriptions for each book by clicking each image below:

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