Natural Holiday Carnival: Homemade Gift Ideas

  This is the last week of our Natural Holiday Celebration Carnival.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it! This week we’re talking about Homemade Gift Ideas.  More and more people are abandoning the commercialism of Christmas and are instead going for homemade gifts.  They’re more frugal and more meaningful.  That’s pretty awesome, right? While we’re not doing […]

Natural Holiday Carnival: Real Food Party Dishes

Today we’re continuing with our Natural Holiday Celebration Carnival with Real Food Party Dishes! It’s likely that you’ll go to a party at least once during this holiday season, and you’ll probably need to bring something to share.  Right?  But you don’t want to resort to junk food.  And you also don’t want to bring […]

Natural Holiday Carnival: Thanksgiving Crafts

Welcome to the Natural Holiday Celebration Carnival!  7 other bloggers are joining me to share awesome natural food and celebration ideas these next four weeks.  You’ll see links to all their posts at the bottom of this one. Next week, we’re going to invite some friends over and do some Thanksgiving-related crafts.  I picked up […]