Wish You Had the Ultimate Kitchen Tool?

Recently, I was approached by a blogging team with an interesting opportunity.  The goal was to get a handful of bloggers to all partner together and offer an amazing kitchen tool as a giveaway.  It happens to be one of my favorites, so I said yes.  All those who agreed to participate chipped in to […]

Berkey Giveaway Winner and Coupon Code!

**Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.** Last week we had an amazingly popular Berkey giveaway!  (So sorry if you missed it!) A Berkey is a really great water filter.  Just to remind you, here are some of its highlights: Filters without a need for electricity Powerful enough to filter untreated lake water Removes over 99% […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Getting Quality Food When You Don’t Have Local Sources (Giveaway!)

This month we are talking all about local food.  But, whenever we talk local, I inevitably hear some version of this: “You are lucky.  There are really no local sources near me that have quality food.  How am I supposed to eat well when there are no good options?” I understand the frustration.  A few […]