Monday Health & Wellness: 10 Ingredients to Watch Out For

  Source Reading the labels on foods these days is not a simple task.  Many times, there are foods that have some “good” (recognizable, real food) ingredients, and some “questionable” (what is that? is it okay?) ingredients.  While foods with only “good” or only “bad ingredients are usually a simple choice, foods with a mixed […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Electrolyte Concentrate Ice Cubes (Quick and Easy Remedy)

Several months back, I published my electrolyte drink recipe.  It’s great stuff — good for exercising, fall sports, and stomach viruses.  Really any time you need rehydrating. But, you know…if you’re sick, right now, are you going to want to stand up for 10 minutes to make this?  What if you don’t even have the […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Why the Anti-Vaccine Movement Exists

  Image by USACE European District You should know right up front that this isn’t a research-based post.  I’m not trying to sway anyone to believe anything in particular about vaccines.  What I’m trying to do is explain to those who believe strongly in vaccines why there is an anti- vaccine movement in the first place. […]

Monday Health & Wellness: How to Make Liver Pills

In my recent quest to rebalance my hormones and detox a bit, I created a “nutrient chart.”  It included nutrients that people with my particular ‘symptoms’ (which are minor) are probably deficient in, and which foods are highest in those nutrients. One food that showed up on the chart repeatedly was liver!  Liver is high […]