Do You Know Your Child’s Love Language?

By Daja Gombojav, Contributing Writer Love Has Many Languages Did you know that when it comes to love, we all speak a different language? It’s true! What speaks love to one person may not translate to another. Have you ever done or said something with the truest intention of love only to have the other […]

Why We’re Shifting to Parenting

It’s been a long 6+ years here at Modern Alternative Mama. I started the blog back in October of 2009, to share all the thoughts I had about our new natural lifestyle — I covered home remedies, health research, parenting, homeschooling, religious ideas, and a whole lot more. Over time I’ve refined that a bit, […]

CPS: Should You Call and How to Cope

Recently, a blogging colleague of mine dealt with false reports made about her family to CPS. This is one of my nightmares.  CPS knocking on my door, saying, “We’re from children’s services, and we’re here about a call….” I think this is honestly something we need to talk about.  We need to talk about how […]