Turmeric-Lime Electrolyte Drink

Now that it’s spring — and finally getting warm — sports season is starting.  That means there will be lots of electric-colored sports drinks passed around. But those drinks?  They aren’t healthy.  They’re full of artificial colors, flavors, and other junk.  They’re sugary.  They’re really not the kind of thing you want to be giving your […]

Recipe Collection: Shrimp Bisque

I love shrimp. And I love creamy soups.  It’s just good food.  Combine creamy soup and shrimp into this very simple bisque?  Perfection.  You can make bisque out of any seafood, really — shrimp, crab, lobster, etc.  I’ve had many in restaurants.  I’ve made crab bisque lots of times with canned crab (which is much […]

Spring Blend Herbal Tea

In case you’re not quite ready to blend your own tea — and I know not everyone is — I want to introduce you to one of our sponsors, Saravena.  They offer a wide variety of quality natural and organic tea blends.  These blends come in delicious flavors like peach (one of my favorites!), cinnamon […]