GAPS-Friendly “Pound Cake”

Recently I experimented with a traditional pound cake (which is equal parts butter, eggs, sugar, and flour).  I used sucanat and sprouted flour.  It was pretty darn yummy, and I really like that texture.  It is very high in sugar, though!

Then, several days later, I was inspired to bake something with almond flour.  The way I create recipes now is that I kind of get an idea, and I go by feel/inspiration.  I just have a ‘sense’ how many eggs I should use, or how much baking powder, or whatever.  So, I was inspired and I mixed some things together.  I knew I would get a cake (as opposed to blondies, another idea I’d had), but I wasn’t sure just how it would come out.

How it came out was delicious.

It is like a pound cake in texture — very dense, but with a very fine crumb.  Obviously it’s not real pound cake, just reminiscent.  It’s only lightly sweet so it’s actually made a very healthy breakfast for us.  It would be perfectly paired with my real buttercream frosting.  You could have a birthday party and serve this cake and frosting and no one would even know it was part of a special diet!  It’s that good.  Are you ready?

(And yes this sort of counts as part of my ‘lunch’ series…I would encourage you to make this and serve it for a quick breakfast or part of lunch because it really is so healthy.  You’ll see Cheeseballs and Philly Cheesesteak Pockets really soon though.)



Melt the butter, then add the honey and stir together.

Add the eggs. I apparently I forgot to take a pic of adding the first three.  Beat this very well, because the texture largely comes from the eggs.  Add the sea salt.

Beat this well.  Then add your almond flour and vanilla.

Stir until combined.  It should be a thick batter, but not too thick.  Definitely still liquid.

Pour this into a cake pan.  8×8 would work, but I used 7×11 (I think).  I would probably double this if you wanted a “real” cake because this will be fairly thin when baked.

Bake at 350 for 30 – 35 minutes, until the edges are golden brown and a toothpick inserted comes out clean.  Allow to cool, then frost if desired and serve.

You could also choose to simply butter it, or cover it in nut butter, and it would really make an excellent on-the-go lunch.  It’s a great balance of fat-protein-carbs so despite it being a “cake” it could be a main dish.  Or dessert.  Whatever. :)

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How do you serve pound cake?


  1. Vanessa says

    Yum. We just made this for the first time yesterday and we made a lemon syrup from lemon juice, lemon zest and honey to drizzle over the top and it was really good!

  2. Greenmama says

    I made two layers of this for a birthday today. One I did as written, the other I added in 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate (melted with the butter) and accidentally added an additional 1/4 cup almond flour. At 30 min, it seemed too dry, but it was lovely after cooling. I preferred the chocolate layer, but would check the oven at about 25 min. next time. I frosted it with your French Buttercream (made with honey) as you suggested – SO good!! Thank you so much for making my son’s birthday a huge hit!!

  3. Kate F. says

    Also, what’s the proper way to measure almond flour (and coconut flour while we’re at it ;))? Same as wheat flour? Or do you pack it more than wheat flour? Thanks!

  4. Renee N. says

    These made awesome cupcakes!! I only cooked them for 14 minutes, and they were PERFECT – SO moist! They were especially good when I put them into a little cup with flax seeds, cinnamon, and heavy cream drizzled over top. Yummmm!!!

  5. Kathleen says

    Trying this today… But I hope it works with organic unbleached all purpose flour. What about a leavening agent? soda, powder? How does it rise?

    • Kate Tietje says

      The eggs, beaten, provide some leavening. You may want to add about 1 tsp. baking soda to it if using all purpose flour.

  6. Faith says

    Why not whip the egg whites until stiff and incorporate the egg/butter/flour mix? Like a genoise. I will try this, thanks for a recipe.


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