Being “Semi-Crunchy” Doesn’t Make You Special

I’ll admit, this post is born of frustration.  But, with good reason, I think. There’s a subset of “crunchy” moms who sometimes drive me crazy.  They are not, as always, the moms who say “this is what works for me.”  I absolutely support any mama for finding her vibe, for making the choices that really […]

Is Unschooling Okay for Christians?

This morning, I hopped on my computer to check my email quickly before heading off to our homeschool coop.  I spend most of my time deleting stuff I don’t really need, and save the important stuff for later, when the kids are napping or busy.  But this morning, one email in particular caught my eye. […]

10 Things I DON’T Want to Teach My Kids

As parents, there is always something more we want to teach our children.  There’s the obvious stuff, like how to read, or how to ride a bike. Then there’s the not-so-obvious stuff, like how to be a good person, or religious teachings (or lack thereof).  Sometimes what we want to teach our children isn’t even […]

How to Cope with School Valentine’s Celebrations

This week, all the kids in schools will be celebrating Valentine’s Day.  That means class parties, which come along with plenty of cake, candy, and other junk food. When I was a kid, we exchanged valentines, ate a cupcake, got packs of candy, there was chocolate, and more.  Exactly how much candy there was, depended […]