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  1. Megan says

    Hi Kate! I am wondering if you have any ideas about treating acid reflux with diet. My hubby would like to avoid the medical over the counter options. Thanks!

    • Gary Thomas says

      Try “Braggs” apple cider vinegar, available at most good health food stores. NOT the same as “store bought” vinegar often used in salad dressing or as cleaning agents.

    • says

      Acid reflux is caused by being dehydrated. This makes the acid in the stomach too concentrated. Just drinking about 2 litres of water a day will fix it – and you’ll find that you’re other health issues will diminish as well. If you put something with the water, it doesn’t count because your body cannot utilise it as well. In fact anything in the water means it has to go through the digestive tract which actually uses water in order to digest.

  2. Caren mccarthy says

    Hi. I’m wondering if anyone knows of where to find stats on the number of vaccinated kids that actually contract life-threatening illnesses. Obviously unbiased information would be more useful. I tried to join the Facebook page with no luck several times-could have something to do with doing it from my iPhone.

    • Marvin says

      I cannot answer your question, but what I do know is my experience many years ago. I refused ALL vaccination, and got a lot less disease than most of those who got the vaccination.

  3. says

    Hello Katie,
    I am a dutch blogger about Real Food (and WAPF chapter leader) and I’d like to inform people about it. In the first place with my blog, but I am also thinking about writing and selling ebooks about it. Since you do both, I wonder how you determine about which recipes you blog and which ones you use for your ebooks? Or in other words: what do you give for free and what information do you sell in the form of an ebook? On what grounds do you decide?

    • Kate Tietje says

      Hi Iris,

      I usually choose recipes I enjoy but don’t have time/energy to test repeatedly to put up for free. I will occasionally choose something I think will be really popular because that helps to drive traffic to the site. For the cookbooks, I choose recipes I have tested very well and which I think are high-quality, in-demand, and “timeless.” I usually will put modified versions or variations of popular free recipes in the books as well. It’s not even as much “which” I choose, really, but the ones that are paid are tested usually multiple times by me as well as at least 3 independent testers to ensure they work and they are enjoyable. I may have made the ones I post here once myself (sometimes a lot more, but sometimes just once). I don’t test nearly as carefully on the free stuff. It’s important that whatever you choose to sell, you are 100% behind and that you produce it well (use good pictures, triple check the recipe and directions, note if it’s free of allergens, etc.). I don’t take the time to do all of that (just pictures) on free content.

  4. OrganicDominick says

    My two boys have been raised on organic brown rice (Earth’s Best) cereal, rice milk, brown rice pasta, rice cakes, over cooked brown rice with berries and honey breakfast, brown rice turmeric and veggie pilaf, and the list goes on. We are on well water as well and have had the boys bathe in it every day for the last four years. If I have ever felt worried that I was a bad mother, it would be now. How does one detox a 4 year old? We know so little about the safe levels of supplements on our own bodies I wouldn’t even begin guessing how much of what he would need to be helpful but not damaging. He’s not tired and doesn’t get sick often, but he does have very dry skin, thin wiry hair, weird pitting of enamel foot fungus, and that list goes on as well. He seams okay, but its not like one can see cancer developing. AHHHH!!! I mean, seriously! I am slowly digressing into ignorance is bliss. Had I not known any better I would have fed my kids cow milk and wheat cereal, gave them a few pills to cover the symptoms of fat, sugar and hormone overdose and been on my merry little way to feeling good about what I’m doing for my kids. The more I know the more I feel trapped and this latest rice arsenic deal is just breaking me. What have I done?

    • Kate Tietje says

      I am not sure about the arsenic issue, and we still eat brown rice. I know it’s been found in the rice but some people say not in a form you can absorb. Probably depends on the person though. If you are worried, try some bentonite clay and bath salts (good ones) in the bath tub, and you might consider a water filter. We all do the best we can and we can’t avoid everything! It just isn’t possible. And it’s okay. :)

  5. Kate says

    Hey Kate! Just stumbled upon your blog and I would be interested to know where you get your raw milk from. My husband and I are looking to join a herdshare and are in Columbus. Thanks!

    • Marvin says

      I has been more than a year since you posted this, but I can tell you my experience:
      I used only raw milk, but had to stop all dairy products because of prostate cancer I have.)
      Every state has different laws. That is the biggest problem. Here in Michigan I will have to sign a contract saying basically that I own part of the cow (or goat) to obtain the milk from that farm. This prevents a state government stopping the milk available and lawsuits against the farmer because he produces.

      Some states prohibit it completely, others with little restriction beyond ordinary inspection.

  6. Sara says

    Can you sub almond oil for avocado oil? And can you do without the Shea butter? (This is what I have on hand plus the magnesium citrate) another question is there is magnesium oil in the recipe for the lotion then why doesn’t it make you itch?-Thankyou so much for posting!-Sara

    • Kate Tietje says

      Hi Sara, you can sub any liquid oil for the avocado oil. If you leave out the shea butter it won’t have the right consistency. The oil doesn’t make you itch because you are moisturizing your skin at the same time. :)

  7. Jacob says

    Hey my 2 year old has that what could i get at walmart or any where else cause the doc told me this oatmeal bath stuff it hasnt worked and hes had it for a week any other suggestions at what works the best

  8. Lee Carter Nutritional Coach says

    In 1940 there were only 300 Chemicals being used to grow crops on the farm. That counted the coloring, flavoring, preserving, packaging, thickening, etc. of the food on the store shelves. In 2000 there were added over 80,000 new chemicals to our environment, and less than 1/3 rd. have been tested to see if it may hurt people or pets. Also note that no 2 have ever been tested to see if together they may hurt you. Look at the package to see what is in it… like TBHQ = Butane Lighter Fluid that will not help the cells of my body get or stay Healthy. I teach people that we are what we Breath… what we Drink… and what we Eat. We all need to Learn what is bad… What is Good… and how to Make a good Choice
    I choose to eat live non GMO modified food & food Supplements that feed my cells.
    And drink clean Filtered water to clean my cells. And I do not use any harmful store brand cleaners, that hurt the Earth & pets, & people…!

  9. Gerard says

    Hello Kate
    thanks for you articles huge blessing!
    I wanted to ask you about the link you posted on one of your earlier blogs called :artificial milk: whats in it?: you mentioned that there was homemade milk one could create but the when you press on the link to Price’s website it states error 404. could you please help? thanks

  10. Patricia says

    I was reading about the receipe for Hypothyroid Tincture. Do you sell this tincture or know anyone who does?

  11. Caitlin says

    Hello Kate,
    I am a natural minded mother of three, and tonight (to my surprise and horror) I discovered that my little 4 year old boy has an abscessed tooth!!! After showing his mouth to a friend of ours (who is a pediatric dentist) she determined that the tooth would have to be extracted!!!
    I am beside myself how did this happen!?!?!?. We brush regularly, no candy, low grain diet, floss, etc. I am panicked and so incredibly overwhelmed by the thought of my little boy needing to have a tooth removed at the tender age of 4. I was scouring the web for any type of “alternative” to the extraction. I have not been able to come up with anything conclusive. My hope is that you can shed some natural light on this for me. Moving forward, I will be focusing on the oral health of the entire family in a very different way. I read your article on natural tooth care – and will definitely be making the toothpaste this week! Any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • says

      Hi Caitlin,

      Tooth decay is caused by a bacteria called strep mutans (I might not be spelling that right). I would start on probiotics to help that — there’s some kind of oral flora that’s not right. Getting the tooth pulled might be the best option here, depending on how bad it is already, but since it’s a baby tooth that’s not too bad. Some try to use clove oil (topical) and fermented cod liver oil/butter oil (internal) to help clear up cavities and such. Hope that helps!

  12. Diana says

    HI Kate

    Just curious about your take on Vaccines and traveling to Thailand and Indonesia. We are ultimately moving to Bali for a few years but I worry about my 2 year old who is not vaccinated. Truly the first is vaccinated and has a stronger immune than his brother so I am really not too concerned about that its more of being exposed to Polio, Mumps etc.. I feel terrible if they were exposed. What do you think?

    Thanks so much and God Bless,


    • says

      Hi Diana,

      I haven’t personally faced this situation so I’m not sure what I would do, but I personally lean towards still not vaccinating and choosing herbs and other natural means to boost immunity. I feel like many of these illnesses (like mumps) are really not that dangerous anyway.

  13. Michele K says

    Hi – I’ve been following your Facebook page for at least a year now (probably longer), and one of the earliest threads that caught my eye discussed baby formulas, with lots of folks weighing in, and one particular formula seeming to have the most love from folks for those situations where formula is the only choice. How would I go about finding that thread to see what the recommended brand was/is?

    • says

      Hi Michele,

      I’m not sure if you can find that thread on Facebook, but I think the recommended commercial brand was Baby’s Only Organic. And many really like to use the Weston A. Price homemade raw milk formula, too.

  14. Larissa says

    Hi there! God bless you for sharing your knowledge with others!! I am very intrigued by natural medicine and lately have been searching for alternative/natural ways to heal my kids of common ailments. Back in Russia when i was a kid thats all my parents did. go pick grass, flowers, berries and used it for medical/wellness purposes.
    My question is i have a bottle of Elderberry drops with grain alcohol (45-55%vol) it says to use 20 to 40 drops 2/3 times a day. my house has an outbreak of Hand foot and mouth (4 kiddos) and i wanted to give that to them and i wasnt sure what dose is ok for them. My youngest is 2 years old. my 5 year old is having a hard time with it since he has it around the opening to his throat. :(
    any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

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