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diaper rash salve2 edit

Homemade Diaper Rash Salve

Growing up, I was used to the “white tube” of diaper cream.  That thick barrier cream that most parents use to protect their baby’s rash. The thing is, that white cream? It’s just meant to keep the rash covered so that it doesn’t get splashed with pee or poop too much.  Of course, if they […]

Nutrient Dense Foods for Preg BFing

Nutrient Chart for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The other day, I was making lunch for my family.  I’m now 24 weeks pregnant, and I’m anticipating my final trimester and the first months of breastfeeding.  Just like in my last pregnancy, I’m beginning to crave eggs, milk, and nuts.  I continued to crave that through the early months of breastfeeding, too. This made […]

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DIY Skin-Nourishing Natural Shaving Cream

Last year, I bought my husband a bar of shaving soap at a local farmer’s market.  I told him, “Here, this is more natural — try it.”  Unfortunately, it left his skin with red bumps and sore. When we moved last summer, I ended up buying him a small can of regular old shaving cream. […]

24 weeks edit

Eating Well for Third Trimester and Postpartum Health

Given that I’m now 24 weeks pregnant (yes, that’s me above, recently), I’ve had end-of-pregnancy and postpartum nutrition on my mind a lot.  In my last pregnancy, I did so great when I was pregnant (gained weight very steadily and not too much; no anxiety; good energy; etc.), but then did poorly afterward — anxiety […]

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DIY Lavender Green Clay Mask

Recently, I decided it was time to get serious about healing my skin.  You see, I’ve struggled with acne since I was a teenager.  It got better and worse, mostly “better” as an adult, but then when my hormones went nuts postpartum last year and we were exposed to mold, it flared worse than it’s […]

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Kid-Friendly Gummy Whole Food Vitamins

I get asked all the time — “What vitamins should I choose for my kids?”  I hesitate to recommend store-bought vitamins in any form because even the good ones have some ‘extra’ ingredients in them.   There are also a number of recipes out there on various blogs.  But most of those involve using fruit […]

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5 Detox Baths for Your Healthy Family

Detox baths play a big role in our family’s health. Our bodies have natural detox pathways — we eliminate junk through urine, feces, sweating, and breathing.  Our kidneys and liver process what we are exposed to and deliver the junk to those elimination pathways.  Our mucus membranes protect us against bacteria and other germs from […]

traditional foodie

What a Traditional Foodie Buys from Costco (And How She Uses It)

What’s this “traditional” foodie business?  Well…we’ll talk about that more in depth in a week or so.  But traditional food has to do with sourcing the highest quality organics, pastured meats, and using specific cooking practices to increase the nutrient density of the food, like making bone broths and sourdough.  That might be a “duh” […]

raise your family naturally

What It Means to Raise Your Family Naturally

  Image by TexasBobbi The word “natural” has been taken over these days. Companies know that people trust the word “natural.”  In fact, a lot of people look for it, and even trust it more than “organic!”  But natural isn’t regulated and means different things to different people. For example, say “natural food” and someone […]

chronic illness

Why We Should Be More Concerned About Chronic Illness

Image by Taki Steve I’ve been watching the fireworks over the issue of parental rights in health decisions for months.  Years, really.  People get fired up and angry over others choosing the “wrong” things.  They fight over what the “right” answer really is.  They use the vaccine issue as a scapegoat (and that’s really all […]

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Why Raising a Healthy Family is Important to Me

When my husband and I first got married, we were pretty mainstream.  We shopped at regular grocery stores, and bought processed food (lots of Hamburger Helper, mac’n’cheese, rice mixes, etc.).  We avoided red meat because we knew it was “bad” for us.  We chose butter substitutes.  We were overweight.  We struggled frequently with nausea, bloating, […]

snack time

A Day in the Life of an Unschooling Family

A lot of you asked me…“what does a typical day look like for an unschooling family?”  Plus, I think a lot of us just like to see what someone else’s day actually looks like. The funny part is, there really is no “typical” day.  There have been days we did a field trip in the […]