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With our new style here, we’re switching it up to give you a break on the weekend.  We’ll be sharing a few of our favorite posts from the week, largely from our contributors but also others, if they’re really awesome.   We hope you’ll find this as much fun as we do!  When you’re busy Read More

We have big news today! A little over a year ago, we split Modern Alternative Mama into four different sites — this, plus Modern Alternative Kitchen, Modern Alternative Pregnancy, and Modern Alternative Health.  We wanted to be able to provide more comprehensive information on more topics with this approach. Our needs, and our audience, has Read More

Who doesn’t need a little dessert…now and then? I try not to make desserts (in fact, right now, I’m supposed to be eating no sugar at all.  I’ve been mostly good).  When I do, I often try to go for grain-free options, because I feel like they’re healthier if they’re focused around ingredients that are not Read More

Have you ever looked in the mirror and kind of hated the reflection?  (Yes, that’s me…in Dec. 2006.) I think we’ve all felt that way at one time or another. We’ve all wished there were fewer lumps or bumps, a smoother tummy, smaller thighs, or even less common ‘flaws’ like a funny-shaped nose or weird Read More

Today we have a guest post from Trisha of Intoxicated on Life.  She’s addressing the recent PSAs stating the co-sleeping is dangerous, and the study that “proves” it.  Read on to separate fact from fiction! I saw a recent PSA showing the dangers of co-sleeping. A mother lay asleep on a couch, playfully awakened by Read More

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve posted a lot on herbs lately.  I remember when I first ran across herbal medicine, about three years ago, and I was in awe of people who created their own remedies and seemed to know what herbs did what, where to buy them, how to use them.  How did Read More

Next week, we have some amazing things coming up!  I want to share them with you briefly (well — sort of!). Reorganization Modern Alternative Mama is about to go through a major reorganization.  You’ll see the details on this next Friday, Nov. 1.  It’s going to be awesome, and we are very excited to share Read More

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