Kombucha Ebook


Are you curious about kombucha?  Have you thought about brewing it, but aren’t sure where to start?  Have you maybe heard of it, but don’t know what it is?  No matter where you are in your “kombucha journey,” this book can help!

This is a simple, 26-page guide to all things kombucha.  You can find answers to many or possibly all of your questions.  In this book, you will find:

  • What kombucha is, and where (we think) it came from
  • The health benefits of drinking kombucha
  • How to brew your own
  • How to grow your own SCOBY
  • Where to buy brewing equipment
  • Kombucha flavor recipes
  • Troubleshooting your brew
  • FAQs

This book is great for novice brewers and experienced brewers alike.  A few readers (who are experienced brewers) proofread the book for me, and some of them even learned new things!

The book sells for $3.95, but subscribers get it free!  If you subscribe, you will be given a special code.  We have the option to buy either way, in case subscribing right now isn’t your thing.  But we do have excellent daily posts, and free is always a good thing. :)

Get the book, and start brewing your own kombucha today!



  1. Angelia says

    I absolutely cannot get this to work – have tried many times. Thanks for the offer – i would love to read it:) Can you help?

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