Why Do I Have This Stuff?

Brittney Bush Bollay via Compfight We’re going to play a fun game today…it’s called Why Do I Have This Stuff?!  And it’s because when I was cleaning out my rooms, that is what I kept asking myself. We had piles of trash!  This is 3x more than we would throw out in a typical week. […]

House Hunting, Round #1

nebojsa mladjenovic via Compfight I said I wasn’t picky, right?  Well, I’m not…exactly. But then again, I sort of am. We’re not planning to move again from this property, hopefully ever.  It’s supposed to be our “forever home.”  Therefore I’m not looking at the properties with an eye for “Yeah, I guess I could live […]

And So It Begins….

Image by luigi via Compfight I’ve decided to stop the homemade medicine cabinet series for now.  It’s summer, not too many people are needing remedies, and it just wasn’t getting much attention.  It will come, closer to fall…and in a bit of a different way.  You’ll understand in a few weeks why I’m doing this.  And […]