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Join the New Beginnings Challenge!

I’m really excited to tell you about something we’re doing come January — can you believe that’s only about two weeks away?! I can’t.  It’s a super busy season right now, with Christmas coming in only ten (10!!) days, followed quickly by New Year’s.  And, we’re seeing a lot of family and we have a […]

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Monday Health & Wellness: Acne Salve

Sponsored by Flavor of the Earth One thing that I continue to struggle with, even as an adult, is acne. It’s frustrating.  I have to be super careful to almost never wear makeup, get the makeup off as soon as possible if I do wear it, wash my face with specific stuff, and so on.  As a teen, […]


How Amino Acid Balance Could Save Your Health

  **This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins.** There aren’t a whole lot of “supplements” that I like, or use.  In fact, I even recently stopped taking probiotic supplements (that’s a story for another day).  There are a couple, though, that I keep up with…and think are really important. One of those supplements is gelatin. […]


Egg and Sausage Breakfast Muffins

By Virginia George, Contributing Writer Today’s post is the fourth in our series 10 Days of Homemade Christmas.  From December 1st to December 12th, we’re featuring 1 post each weekday that is all about something easy and fun you can make at home for gifts! If DIY isn’t your style, don’t forget to grab a […]

Bath and Body Homemade Gifts Round Up

This is the third post in our 10 Days of Homemade Christmas series!  We’re sharing one post each weekday from December 1st through December 12th, about a homemade gift you can make for someone in your family.  Show you care with a handmade gift this year! Of course, if you’re not the crafty sort, we’re […]

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

  By Katie, Contributing Writer Today is the second day in our Homemade Christmas series, which is running from Monday, December 1st, through Friday, December 12th.  Each day we’ll have a homemade gift post or tutorial.  Don’t miss all of them!  Yesterday we had Chocolate-Rose Magnesium Lotion, which is awesome! Plus, don’t forget about our […]

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Chocolate Rose Magnesium Body Lotion

Today kicks off our 10 Days of Homemade Christmas.  Now through next Friday, December 12th, we’re featuring 5 posts each week with a homemade gift you can make for your loved ones this year (Monday through Friday).  We know that sometimes, something handmade is the best way to show love. Of course, if you’re not […]

Wholesome Comfort Cover

Cyber Monday Sales!

This weekend has been absolutely filled with deals, I know.  There was Black Friday (are those really so great anymore?  I’ve seen “pre-Black Friday” sales with low prices for weeks), Small Business Saturday (did you buy from some of the small businesses in our Gift Guide?) and now, Cyber Monday. We’re a cyber business — […]

Announcing…the Christmas Gift Guide!

We are so excited to be bringing this to you today. We know many of you are starting your holiday shopping, and you’re looking for quality companies to support.  That is, companies that are smaller, who use sustainable ingredients and produce healthy, safe products.  Especially fair-trade or locally made products. That’s why we put together […]

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The Essential Oil Diffuser We Love

I promised you all a couple of weeks ago that I would tell you more about my favorite essential oil diffuser.  When I talked about the Plant Therapy oils that Ilike. Choosing an essential oil diffuser is a surprisingly hard task.  Or at least, it was for me — I spent more than a year […]

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Healthy Strawberry-Lime Slushie

When I was a little kid, my family always broke out the strawberry daquiris around the holidays.  Some years they were virgin, and I was allowed to have one.  Some years they weren’t…and I might have gotten a small sip.  These were always made with a frozen mix, though, which included corn syrup and all […]


What’s the Big Deal About Skin Brushing?

Skin brushing is something I first heard of a few years ago.  The idea intrigued me, but I never really did anything about it.  There’s not a lot of solid evidence out there about how beneficial it is (or isn’t), but there are a ton of stories from people who’ve used it and have seen […]